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December 2, 2010
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Chapter 6
Dragon Ladies and a deadly job

KimRenYa only thought that there were only revolting things in this hellhole. She guessed wrong it seems. The woman that now was standing before her was beautiful. Her skin pale, but shined like sparkling silver and with remarkable tattoos that resembled dragon parts all over her, her hair long and elegant but a bright purple color, her eyes a beautiful golden yellow, and her smile long and perfect even though she had teeth sharpened to the tip. KimRenYa smiled in awe at how gorgeous she was. It was almost impossible to look away.
"I see you have met these unruly misfits? I'm sorry they are not quite what you would have guessed for help, but they can do their fair share of accommodation. Well, barely." She chuckled to herself in humor and smiled back at KimRenYa. She was just so... Amazing. KimRenYa didn't even know what so say to this woman who had terrifying features that could make your heart stop from fright, but at the same time carried the beauty of a goddess almost.
"T-They really aren't that bad, I guess. They could be worse." KimRenYa stuttered along trying not to drop her jaw in shock.
"Don't be so foolish child. We are demons form hell. Of course we can get worse, and never think other wise or you might lose your head because of it." She smiled in delight as if saying that had just made her day.
Great, she probably wants to eat me too, KimRenYa thought to herself.
"No KimRenYa, I do not want to eat you. I am kind to all women." She said smiling and patting KimRenYas head with humor.
"How did you know I was thinking that?" she asked dumbfounded. When she did, the women snapped her fingers and her tattoos started to move and quiver. It appeared as if they were coming off her skin, forming a 3D dragon! Then after the whole process a dragon was flying next to her head with it's tail strangely attached to the back of her head.
"This Fluisterend Hoofd, it's Dutch for Whispering Head." She said smiling happily petting his head as he purred. "He is called that because he can read peoples mind then tell me by sending thoughts threw his body and out his tail. Which is why his tail is drilled inside my brain." She flipped her hair up and turned around revealing the spiked tail sucked inside her head. You could see black veins sticking out.
KimRenYa stood there with her jaw hanging down low in astonishment. Surprises just kept flying at her with force it seemed.
"Well, I guess I should explain a little bit to as what you are going to do until Hell is back to its normal chaos." She smiled kindly and took KimRenYa's hand and dragged her along with her to god knows where. "You see, that feline Upherous should have explained to you that a… Breacher was possessed by a demon and once her died he started to ruin Hell and it's chaos by trying to purify it as we speak. Granted he has been at this for about 30 years we have a feeling that since Ezmee, that tall twit has come to this damned place, he has been able to find a few hint to our power source that allows us to teleport in and out of Hell to the living lands without trying to find a loop hole into some sort of ritual. Now that is not a good thing can you tell me why child?" she spoke in such a formal way it made KimRenYa not want to speak with her teenage slang.
"Because it will let him come up to my world and take it over?" KimRenYa said with doubt. "Yes. Very good. But since you have the right blood line as Upherous, you can come here with out having to die and you have the power to bring down the Breacher. His name is Kiberous Nill, and he has started a type of… "Council" or "society" called the Hell Angels. It's quite pathetic if you ask me. He some how tricks demons into thinking they are helping Hell and then using their power source to purify Hell. But no one has the right source do to so. The thing is that no one knows what he's doing."

"Well then how do we stop him?" KimRenYa asked with interest. "Good question. That's where we come in. We go around with our Cirque, warning the demons about them with our resources. And along the way still get paid in gold Ha-ha." She chuckled to herself in delight. "Now do you understand what you must do KimRenYa? This is something that you cannot just run away from. One: because if Kiberous finds a source you and your world will die and two: Ezmee will just come kidnap you again and again and again with brutal force." KimRenYa gulped down fear and looked down trying to hide her fright.
As they stopped talking for a few minutes Lady Vermillion let out a sigh. "Well if you excuse me, me and Fluisterend are hungry and need to go look over our routine. Please look around and get to know people without getting killed. Ta Ta!" and she walked off. KimRenYa had a horrid expression smeared on her face that showed complete and utter horror. Without getting killed? That was real assuring she thought with fright and anger. She sighed and looked around and saw a door and decided might as well look around. She walked toward the door and took a deep breath and walked into it. When she opened her eyes she found a room full of nothing but clothing, makeup, and a huge mirror. She made a slightly brighter face happy to find that no one else was in here. She found a large chair and sat down in it taking an even larger breath trying to calm down.
"Ok… lets re-cope here. You have a vision with a cat demon that you evidently share a soul with.  You have been kidnapped by so called "demons". And now you have to save and fix Hell and you are only 13. Yeah sure. NOTHING could possible go wrong." She frowned in displeasure not liking any part of this. "This has all got to be just a dream. Non of this is real at all. So KimRenYa just close your eyes and wake up" she closed her eyes "wake up… wake up… wake up".


"Why the hell are we letting her help us? We could do this on our own! We are demons for devils sakes!" Ezmee screamed with her high pitched voice that would break glass. Her eyes were slightly tinted with red, her anger boiling up. "This is enough proof that they are up to something!" she held up her arms showing the chains on her wrists. They looked as if they were broken off from their original place.
" Ezmee, we can't do this with out the girls spiritual power. A half-a has immense power and you know that. All we need to do is get her to cooperate, but I have a feeling that won't be very hard EHEHEHEEE!" RazMotastico chuckled in foul humor.
"You don't quite get it yet you pathetic man. She is afraid and she wants to go home, granted we don't care but we need to bribe her with that. Use her wishes and fears against her." Lady Vermillion smiled coyly knowing she was completely right.
"Ya sssure. BUT what if ssshe doesss go home and sssshe tellsss everyone about what ssshe hassss ssseen. I ssssay we jusssst keep her here. Sssscrew trying to bribe her. We will do what we do bessst… torture and forcccee her to stay here whether sssshe likesss it or not!" Lisly was more then angry about the problem that was on hand. Her unpleasant face covered in fury that made her look even uglier.
" For once in my dead life I actually agree with the ugly scaled toad! TeeHee!" Ezmee spoke with her evil humor.
"Well then, if we are going to keep her here for a while, lets set up her routine!" Laly Z., the dog girl rose up from the floor and smiled letting her dog tongue wag out.
" You all are completely useless. But we might as well." Lady Vermillion didn't like losing one bit, but she knew she had no choice but to go along with it. The demons talked, hissed, screeched, and growled for a while. Finding out how to give KimRenYa a terrifying time in the routine she would hate for the rest of her life.

KimRenYa lay on the chair fast asleep snoring quietly and purring. Her breathing was shorter then usual because of the lack of oxygen. Her mind was empty as she dreamed of being back home where her mom loved her.
"Mom…" she whispered in her sleep. "I AIN'T YOUR MOM!! NOW GET UP!!! TeeHee!" Next thing KimRenYa she was being brutally woken up and being thrown across the room. She hit the wall with a large thud and her eyes were wide in terror and pain.
"No sleeping on the job brat, we have work to do. Now get up." her eyes darkened and her voice turned lower and demonic "Or else!" KimRenYa stood up quickly sweating nervously. This girl is gonna eat me or worse! KimRenYa thought as she looked at the horrid girl that stood 8ft tall with a bloodcurdling smile. Ezmee walked out of the room with KimRenYa 5ft behind her and as they walked out of the room Ezmee zoomed off to the middle of the tent that was now surrounded in black and colorful smoke.
"What in the world? Is there a fire in here?" KimRenYa raised in eyebrow in curiosity seeing the random smoke float around. As she stood there and thin string of smoke came over as if alive, to KimRenYa and grabbed her hand and shook it! She was flabbergasted and smiled finally happy to find something that was actually nice. The smoke traveled back to the larger group of smoke and as if did, Ezmee started to make those strange sounds again with her ugly mouth. She rose her hands and as she finished the strange sentence the smoke started to fly everywhere with incredible speed, at least 90 miles a second! The smoke started to make shapes and started to form into actual 3D things. Like a trapeze, a large ring probably where the animals were tamed, balls, hool-a-hoops, ladders, a very large cage, everything you would see in a circus. The only thing missing was a net.
"Wow! That is wicked! How did it do that… wait don't answer that." KimRenYa remembered where she was and knew down here, anything was possible.
RazMotastico chuckled. "Well since you are going to work with us, you need a routine for the circus and a partner to help you." KimRenYa looked at him a little worried. A partner? With these people? I might as well commit suicide now she thought with frustration. "Alright. What do I do and who do I do it with then?" she crossed her arms in displeasure and raised an eyebrow.
"Well we had a volunteer. Ezmee!"
No, no way! I'm dead! KimRenYa dropped her arms and took a step back but it was too late. Ezmee was standing right behind her and grabbing her shoulders with a tight grip making sure KimRenYa had no chance to run. "Read to have some fun~? TeeHee! Don't worry. You won't die, just some large painful wounds!" and she flung her over her shoulder and started to sprint toward the ladders which went about 50ft in the air with trapeze tied to them. Ezmee climbed up the ladders quickly not wasting any time to throw KimRenYa up and make her land on her butt. She let go of the ladder and dropped down and landed perfectly on her feet. She cart wheeled over and flipped onto the ladder climbing up and reached the top.
"Grab the trapeze Kitty! Unless you are afraid of heights~ TeeHee!" KimRenYa looked across her seeing Ezmee holding onto the trapeze and did the same. She grasped the bar that was tied to nothing. But as she tugged on it, nothing happened. Weird? KimRenYa thought oddly trying to figure out how this thing worked. She looked back at the ugly tall girl and then looked down and became terrified. Not because of how high they were.

Because there was no net and they were 50ft up in the air.
Oh...mygod! That took forever! I was having such a hard writers block with this chapter... :frustrated:

Well, I kinda like this chapter I guess. It could have been better, but this will do. I just wanted to get this chapter done so we could move on.

Will, KimRenYa finally gets to work in a circus and look what she gets. :( Pooooooor girl. :XD: Ezmee is such a jerk... well al of them are. And Lady Vermillion is a different woman let me tell ya. She's off and on with KimRenYa. She can be nice to her then the next she is trying to kill her almost. ^^ Such a lovely job huh? And RazMotastico is well... him. :shrug:

So not much else to say. I'm home sick with a terrible stomach ache and I have some gifts, art trades, and requests to finish. :faint: So hope ya guys liked it.
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