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March 27, 2011
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Chapter 7

KimRenYa was practically hyperventilating. She couldn't think straight. All she could do was look back and forth from Ezmee to the net-less air underneath her. Ezmee smiled at her with a sinister look that screamed murder. She whistled and all of a sudden the rope connected to the trapeze started to shake. KimRenYa went to let go but it was too late, the trapeze swung out in the air along with KimRenYa. She screamed with fright and she noticed that she was swinging right towards the girl who laughed evilly.

"Isn't this fun little Kitty-Kitty? Tee Hee!" Ezmee moved around to where she was now dangling from the bar by her legs. "Reach out to grabs my hands or else you will DIIIEE~". KimRenYa had no choice. She did and ended up hanging upside down by her feet. Her nerves her shaking and her breathe was short. KimRenYa knew that this was the end. This girl was going to eat her and use her bones for tooth picks. As they got closer, her hands reached out and grabbed the long tallied fingers. They felt cold like rock. Ezmee smiled crookedly and pulled her off the bar, making her scream. She flung KimRenYa up in the air making her do flips over and over; her tail swinging behind her. Ezmee grabbed the other bar and sat on it watching the girl fly and the air. She giggled evilly with a crooked smile. KimRenYa finally landed on the beam with the ladder on it safely with only just a bruise.

"ARE YOU INSANE!!!! I could have freaking died!!!" she hyperventilated with her ears laid back and tail dangling between her legs. "I am leaving! This is not worth it!" but before she could move anywhere Ezmee swung up in front of her face upside down.

"Listen little kitty-kitty… here are your options. Stay here and help us save out home and yours, or leave and let an apocalypse take over your world so you can die. TeeHee! Now either way doesn't really bother me, but if my hell whole of a home does become purified. YOU! Are the first one on my list to f******g die you little b***h." she grabbed KimRenYa by the collar of her shirt and dropped down, tossing KimRenYa to the floor.

" Little Kitten Rebellion, you really have no choice but to stay and help if you think about it. Ha-ha! Granted we will just send Ezmee up to get you again hehe!" RazMotastico laughed maniacally and smiled tapping his feet on the ground with joy. KimRenYa got on her knees and frowned. She wanted to cry, to scream for her mother, to kill her self. But either way… These people would win. What was a 13 year old to do in situation like this? Well, she had no idea.

"But…b-but will I ever get to go home?" she frowned with sadness and looked around her where all the odd circus people stood. They either smiled wickedly or scowled with fury in their eyes. The boy with long brown hair tied in a pony-tailed spoke up.

"We good… Make a deal. Where she worked for 2 weeks straight then went up the living lands to live her…so called "normal life". Because I don't know about you… But spending the entire time with this brat sounds even worse then working with you people" her spoke with an annoyed expression and playing with his fingers impatiently. He stood tall with his bangs covering his face. KimRenYa smiled at him, even if he did call her a brat and insulted her, she didn't give a damn. He was giving her a chance to see her mother. He looked down at her with fury and irritation. You could tell by the look in his eyes, he did not like her.
"Oh Jack, you just don't want her here because she's another girl and can't fool around with and play with AHAHAHA!" The dog girl howled with laughed and rolled around and the ground happily. Her dog-ears laid back in amusement. Jack growled and lifted a finger. KimRenYa stared in confusion, and then noticed his hand was… doing something rather odd. As she watched for a few more seconds they started to thrash and twist in ways bones should not move. The skin started to tear away and shred, then the next thing you knew it, his finger and turned into a gun. The gunshot making a louder boom then it should have.
"SHUT THE F**K UP YOU B***H!!! I will cut those god damn ears and tail off then burn then with holy water sending you to the empty lands if you don't SHUT UP LALY!!!!!" he growled immensely while his eyes glowed a crimson red with his sharp jagged glass like teeth her barred. Laly stopped laughing and growled as well with her ears lay back except this time with anger, but she did nothing but sit cross-legged while tapping her hands that were dog paws on the ground.

"Humph… Bastard…." She rolled her eyes and scotched next to the blue skinned boy by the name of Kryptonite. He sat wide-eyed (of course with only one wide) and shaking.

"Oh the devil sakes! All of you shut up and quiet down. I think the Jack-a$$es idea is perfect. KimRenYa still needs to go home, we have no idea if she will survive every minute of Hell. There are demons more powerful then us out there and they will slaughter then eat her if they smell the human in her. We have to still make an alibi for her." Lady Vermillion stood with a hand on her hip and her hip to the side. Her look was stern and serious and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. Everyone nodded and turned to KimRenYa who was still on her knees breathing quickly and deep looking around her. This was too much for her! She couldn't take anymore… She just wanted to sleep… She finally collapsed and everything went black and the only thing she could here was the laughing and cackling of the creatures.


"Purifying this dump is my destiny, and YOU! want to disrupt my plans? Ha-ha~ Well you pathetic broken demon! I am someone to not disrupt. To interrupt!" The red head spoke steady and fluently with his wild eyes. He fixed his glasses and look down and the demon that was on their knees.
"You are not a demon sent here to purify. You were sent down here just like all of the rest us. FOR KILLING! Get that through your



The demon burnt and screamed as the holy water was poured on onto his dead skin. The other demons backed away as it spilled out and dried up from the heat. The demon squirmed as his skin melted leaving nothing left but goop as his organs spilled out with mounds of blood pouring out of his mouth and stomach that was now burned open. His bones started to show as they started to melt away as well. When the screaming was finally over Kiberious Nill looked down and smiled.

"Silly little demon, you should have known better. You could have been one under my wing." He sighed and shook his head fixing his glasses once more. He shuffled his red gleaming hair and laughed.

"Ahhhahaha~! What a show, what.A.Show! Now Bessyiant, please. Let us leave. The rest of my little ones, go out on the look for those damn rebels and see if they have left any evidence of themselves behind. They are wonderful hiding, but honestly I must say. I am tired of hide and go seek; I'm ready for tag. Where I chase and tag them, then watch them be purified into a pile of dead blood and guts while I laugh in my thrown of purity and destiny. Hehe."

A tall man in a robe walked over… No. He floated over, with a face that showed he was not amused. His hair brown and in a ponytail with his black horns atop his head. A pointed tail swayed behind him gently.

"I say we should just look for the Cirque ourselves sir, we will MUCH more done." As he turned and scowled back at the three other demons.

Kiberious turned and smiled at Bessyiant looked at him and smiled wickedly. "Now dear Bessy~ we should give my little ones a chance. We already know you can get much more done but you have also been in the association much much longer then they have. Let them be." He grabbed the front of his robe and pulled him to his face. " We don't want a selfish little brat in the group." He stuck out his tongue and licked his face and around his lips "Got it"? He shoved him back and started to walk away and whistled a tune.

Bessyiant gulped and turned. Fixing his coat then his ponytail.
"Well you heard the man, Go! Find the Cirque Du Hell!"
The other demons were wide eyed and just turned around ran off to the burning city that was all dead and evil. Then Kiberious Nill and Bessiyant walked and floated away as well back to their organization of purity. Of undead love.


KimRenYa woke up in a sweat, as her hair was a mess. She looked around panicking, waiting to be attacked again but she saw nothing. She looked to see that she was lying in a bed that was falling apart. It's blankets ripped and burned and the bed torn and wore out. She rubbed it, feeling somewhat safe in it.

"Jeez… This is all so… Ugh! I don't even know how to explain it! This stupid hell whole!" she closed her eyes and put her hands in fists. She looked at her hands and noticed they were glowing. She cocked her head to the side in confusion.

"What the..." the frustration was still building so she punched the bed and the entire room shook. "Whoa…"

"Well well well? What do we have here?"  A man's rough voice echoed in the curtained room. KimRenYa looked and saw a shadow in the corner. She saws horns sticking out of the top of the tall figure.

"W-who are you? Come out!"

"Have you not learned to keep your little mouth shut tight around us demons? It's not a bright idea when we could easily eat in before you could blink." Jack rolled out of the shadows with his arms crossed and his frustration burning in his cold malicious eyes. KimRenYa stared at him with worry. This guy screamed anger all over; you could practically see it spilling out of his body. She shut her mouth and a slight shiver was sent down her spine every step he took toward her.

"I need to have a word with you Kitty, and you better be scared."
Holy... CRAP!!!
I finished it! After about 2 months I finished it, and I'm still freaking alive! :iconiloveyouplz:
I was seriously pulling my hair out of frustration from this stupid chapter, but I finally got it done :faint:

Well. You finally get to know Kiberious Nill and Bessyiant, the actual "Bad Guys" of the story. Then again, Ezmee and her little gang are actually bad guys... but not the bad guys of the story. It's all honestly confusing... Even to me :rofl:

Oh and look at this :iconicameplz:. The Jack Smith is going to talk to little KimRenYa. Now I would tell you more about him, but you will learn that stuff in the NEXT chapter :evillaugh: and it's won't be pretty :XD:.

Now because my fingers hurt, I am going to stop typing. If you have ANY questions or even some suggestions to help my writing please do ask and suggest away :aww:. Hope oyu liked it :heart:

Cirque Du Hell & all characters mentioned above (c) Me
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